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Fish Here Offshore Fishing Tools
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August 4, 2015 10:50 pm EDT
Location: 33.436N 77.743W
Wind Dir: SW (230°)
Wind Speed: 17 knots
Wind Gust: 21 knots
Sig Wave Height: 6 ft
Dom Wave Period: 8 sec
Average Period: 5.2 sec
Mean Wave Dir: S (179°)
AT Ps: 29.98 in (1015.3 mb)
Ps Tendency: +0.03 in (+1.0 mb)
Air Temp: 83°F (28.2°C)
Dew Point: 79°F (26.0°C)
Water Temp: 82°F (27.5°C)

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August 04, 2015

NMC makes changes to credentialing program and sea service credit

    By WorkBoat Staff

The National Maritime Center (NMC) will implement a new series of forms for use during the Mariner Credentialing Program application process.

USCG officials also announced that in keeping with an amendment to the The Howard Coble Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act of 2014, engine ratings (QEMD, wipers, and oilers) serving on vessels authorized and practicing a two-watch, 12-hour working day may be given 1-1/2 days of service credit for each day a total of 12 hours is worked.

The new CG-719 series of forms (B, K, K/E, P, S, and C) will replace the forms displaying a June 30, 2012, expiration date. The data collected on the new forms is nearly identical to that collected on the previous set, with some notable exceptions.

The K and K/E forms reflect the introduction of the medical certificate. The K also has a significant reduction in the number of conditions to be checked by the medical provider. The C is a new non-mandatory form that standardizes the disclosure of conviction information. Formatting changes on all forms are intended to ease the burden on the mariner and improve data entry.

The new forms will be implemented beginning Oct. 1, 2015. With the exception of the K and K/E, the U.S. Coast Guard will no longer accept outdated forms after April 1, 2016. For the K and K/E, forms signed by a physician after Dec. 31, 2015, must be the new version, and the Coast Guard will no longer accept outdated K or K/E forms after Dec. 31, 2016.

The Maritime Transportation Act was amended last year to allow coal passers, firemen, oilers, and water tenders serving on certain offshore supply vessels (OSVs), towing vessels, and barges engaged on voyages of less than 600 miles to be divided into at least two watches. Before this amendment, only officers and deck crewmembers were permitted to be divided into two watches.

For mariners who applied for an endorsement on or after the effective date of the change (Dec. 18, 2014), this credit will be applied retroactively for service obtained after that date. It will also be applied for service prior to Dec. 18, 2014, if the vessel’s certificate of inspection (COI) permitted a two-watch system and the mariner worked two-watch, 12-hour days.

The National Maritime Center (NMC) will begin applying this sea service credit immediately in accordance with the amended statute.

View additional information on the changes at the NMC website.

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